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motorola canopy question

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Feb 2, 2003
Has anyone experienced an issue with the Canopy system cutting out for 500ms every 4-5mins.

Backround: I am utilizing a 4 channel canopy for a voting receiver system and every 4-5 mins the 2175hz
status tone goes away for approx. 500ms and then returns. This is seen by the compairator as a signal and breifly keys up the transmitter.

Any thoughts...........


Oct 30, 2009
Mt. Union, Iowa
I am guessing either the slave or master Canopy unit is requesting a re-registration. This could be due to interference to the Canopy RF link. What does the jitter and RSSI levels look like?


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Apr 19, 2007
Yes I'm very familiar with the issue. First a few points.

Standard canopy should not be used for a voting system, tdm over IP muxes used over canopy will exhibit these problems. Over time packets arrive out of order or get delayed and the jitter buffer must dump and refresh itself, this is the 500ms loss of status tone.

The PTP600 series has a T1 socket on them, this with a TDM mux will work fine for a voting system as the link delay does not change and the packets arrive on time every time. If you must use canopy, use this setup.

JPS Raytheon NXU-2 units will work better than the RAD TDM over IP mux ( the RAD TDM T1 muxes are fine, its only their TDM over IP units that have these problems)

Now some things that may help your existing system.

If your voter supports it remove the status tone and use COR voting. When doing this you are not sending audio packets all the time, so the jitter is not a problem and network traffic is reduced. We have done several systems like this and setting it up for COR voting cures these issues.
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