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Motorola GM-series - bootstrap mode issue

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Oct 26, 2010
Hi everyone!
I wanted to upgrade my GM360 and GM340 (not very different from CDM-series except for the signalling protocols, I guess) to the newer firmware version. I did it successfully before with GP and HT portables. But this time it was different...
First I added a boot control line to the aftermarket ribless cable according to this schematic: http://www.batlabs.com/images/cdmprog.gif
Grounding boot control line then turning the radio's power supply off and on did no good. Then one man told me that Motorola has discontinued the boot control circuit in the mic connector since 199X yr (is that really true?) so I decided to try the back service connector.
According to this schematic http://www.batlabs.com/images/rkn4083.gif I tried connecting pins #7 and 18 together but again out of luck. By the way, I did it that way: http://files.radioscanner.ru/uploader/2012/jumper111.jpg
then I decided to connect pin #18 to the ground wire going out of the programming cable. Nothing.

I tried it with 2 different radios and 2 different softwares - Official and Unofficial upgradekits. The software keeps telling me my radio isn't in bootstrap mode but the radio itself seems to "sleep" (no reaction for the power switch and button pressing).

What have I done wrong? Please help me! I will be more than grateful to you for every piece of advice.

Thanks in advance and 73!


Apr 4, 2004
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You should flash the firmware from the 20 pin accessory Jack. I use the HLN9742 flash dongle + rib and programming cable. These items can be build very easy. You need to use these items via the serial port and not USB. I have done more than 100 CDM's this way.
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