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Motorola MDC

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Jun 23, 2008
My local fire department used Motorola Ht1250 Radios,

When the company gets dispatched, I hear the Dispatcher ask for a status, then all i hear is the MDC tone and no voice and the dispatcher says 10-4.
Is this some kind of MDC quick reply?


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Jul 30, 2001
Putnam County, NY
If you scroll through the menu on an HT1250, you find STATUS and MESSAGE. Nassau County Police used this system...instead of voice, the officer pushed a button and the radio sent out an MDC status message. 1250's are also capable of this.


May 23, 2005
Boston, MA
To put a bit more detail on the response:

Status and Message are pre-canned (and very short) messages assigned by the system operator. If so programmed, the portable user can select one of them and cause the status/message byte for that message to be included in his sent PTT ID.

This system is not widely implemented, as many operators find that it is more complicated than its users are willing to put up with. Some common messages (where the system is employed) are:

In Quarters (FD)
In Quarters SBO (FD) ("SBO" = struck boxes only)
OOS (FD) ("OOS" = out of service
Meal Break (PD)
Walk & Talk (PD)
Send the PS (PD ) (to my last given location, usually because of an officer-involved MVA, with no medical response required).

However, an operator can make up any messages he likes.
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