Motorola MX-SMA RP


Sep 14, 2020
Hello all, I am new to the forum and new to radio tech. I have a radio that uses the MX connector on the antenna which is the same size/tread pattern as SMA female but has no center pin hole. I am trying to relocate my antenna on my Motorola 2 way, the kit I have is all SMA connectors. With this type of system I am able to use the same antenna from the radio and not use a Rubber Duck type antenna. The issue is that the pin in the SMA male connector will not allow the MX connector to thread down properly. Would this system function if I were to simply use reverse polarity adapters to end up with a "male" SMA without a center pin, allowing it to thread in completely. Is my single mind missing a crucial step that would allow this to work with RP SMA adapters? Thank you.

Full system is a
-female to female SMA barrel to connect into the antenna port on the radio- Would not using the exact MX connector into the radio cause large loss even before reconnecting the antenna to the SMA cable wit RB connector?
-SMA male to male cable to connect the radio to the antenna


Mar 30, 2005
So Cali
There are MX / BNC Fe adapters and that seems to be what you need

What radio do you have?

Some /\/\otorola radios did not have a ground connection and requires a special connector adapter.