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Motorola P040 - Any use?

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Feb 19, 2014
Ellensburg, WA
Hello. This is my first post. I'm currently working on getting my tech license after catching the bug from a group of guys that work for me. I've bought a cheap little Baofeng UV-5R+ that I'm using to LISTEN :) only at this point. I'm looking forward to getting my license within the next month!

To my question - I recently acquired some radios (three Motorola P040's with 11 batteries, chargers and Euro power supplies) from work as part of a general gear purge. My company is a marine transportation company that does overseas projects so I'm thinking these were bought as part of a Russian project quite awhile ago. I've bought a US power supply on ebay that I'm still waiting for so I can see if these even work. In the meantime, if these do indeed work I'm wondering what other purpose they might serve outside of 2 or 3-way communication. Can they be programmed to perform other duties? I know that programming software is hard to come by and expensive from Motorola.

Here's a brochure of the radio and specs:

Thanks for any help provided. I also ended up with four Yaesu Vertex Standard VX-417's which work great. I'm going to keep these as strictly what they are - UHF radios for group use. Great units!
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Apr 22, 2012
Puget Sound
PER MOTOROLA> This is an Entry Level radio for the Europe user, made in the mid 90's simlier to the early CT series for the US and Candian user.

It does have some of the same specs as the US version, but takes a differant entry level CPS that was only available in Europe.

If you get lucky and find the soft ware, it would make a good ham radio. It does use the same cable as the CT series and the CP150/200 Pr400 radios.

Good Luck
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