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Motorola P110 / GP300 battery voltage


Aug 3, 2013
Craiova, Dolj, Romania
Hello Moto users!

I know P110 and GP300 are very old radios now, but I still like them a lot due to their simplicity and ruggedness…

I am interested in making my own battery cases from used batteries by opening up the case, keep the flexible circuit and 3D print a support for 6AA batteries. Like this, I can deposit these cases without the worry of destroying the batteries, I can use fresh NiMh batteries, and I can even recharge them with the original Motorola chargers…

I have an issue though: although I am using high capacity NiMh batteries, GP300 and P100 radios set on high power Tx will start very fast to show low battery signalling (blinking red led and the chirp at the end of Tx). I mean much faster after charging compared to original NiCd batteries, although the total stand-by time is obviously longer with the new high capacity batteries…
I am using the original wiring inside the battery so I cannot figure it out what am I doing wrong, except that the voltage of the batteries drops too fast now although they are able to maintain the high current drainage (around 1.5A) and thus the radio does not shut down? And by the way, original Motorola batteries are labelled with 7.5V and not 7.2V….
I have thus bought some Varta 800mAh NiCd batteries, with lower internal resistance, the same result!!!

By any chance did anybody faced this problem before? Any solutions please (except maybe trying to change the battery threshold value for low battery warning)?
Thanks so much and all the best from Romania,


PS: I have modified a battery for Vertex VX-400 radio (kept the connections, and added springs for inserting 6AA batteries), and there it worked like a charm!