Motorola to Deploy Scalable Dimetra IP TETRA Solution for SK Energy

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Asia’s first MTP850Ex ATEX TETRA terminal to be used to provide comprehensive user safety in potentially explosive environments

HONG KONG – TETRA WORLD CONGRESS – 26 May 2008 – Motorola today announced that SK Energy in Korea has selected Motorola’s Scalable Dimetra IP TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) network system, along with the MTP850Ex ATEX TETRA terminal, to enhance their operational efficiency and user safety in hazardous environments. SK Energy is the first customer in Asia to use Motorola’s intrinsically safe ATEX terminal.

SK Energy began implementation of the new system in September 2007. Once it is fully deployed, SK Energy employees will have access to the latest digital TRS (Trunked Radio System), which is more spectrum-efficient compared to the existing analogue communications. They will also be able to design and optimize the radio communications network to improve operational efficiency and productivity using cutting-edge digital functions.

The MTP850Ex is certified under the ATEX and IECEx international certification schemes for protection against the most explosive gas and dust clouds. Combined with an uncompromising mix of safety features, smart ergonomics and fail-safe robust operation, the terminal allows SK Energy employees to benefit from a wide range of communications features in a hazardous environment. For example, if the connection to the Main Switch Office (MSO) is broken, users are still able to communicate with the base station without any interruption.

In addition, when there is a request for help or an emergency call, the location of users can be tracked immediately with the help of the terminal’s integrated GPS receiver. The MTP850Ex also has a built-in “Man Down” alert feature that triggers an emergency procedure when the carrier of the radio remains motionless for a set period or suffers a fall.

With one watt audio output power, the terminal delivers best-in-class audio performance in the typically noisy environments where specialist users operate.
In addition to voice communications, the MTP850Ex features an integrated WAP browser and supports simultaneous Short Data Service (SDS) and Multi-Slot packet data (MSPD) services that enable rapid access to critical information in the field.

Equipped with a simplified keypad with a large button surface, the terminal is easy to use with gloves. Combined with the large scalable display fonts and icons, the MTP850Ex facilitates operation in difficult environments with limited visibility. With a full range of supporting ATEX certified accessories, the MTP850Ex can be customized to meet requirements of different operating environments.

On the Scalable Dimetra IP solution, it can be housed in a single rack and is scalable to meet the size of the project. Compact, highly portable and easily deployable, it is an ideal solution to meet the growing demand for flexible and robust communications in small to medium-sized enterprises or in emergency deployment.

“Our decision to adopt IP-based scalable TETRA system was motivated by an increasing need for data communications to improve voice communications quality and overall operational efficiency,” said Mr Jin-Young Park, Senior Manager, IT Planning Division, SK Energy. “Most of all, we selected Motorola’s TETRA system and explosion-proof radio for safe and reliable communications in potentially explosive environments such as oil and petrochemical plants.”

Kun-Sang Choi, Interim president of Motorola Korea said: “This contract win from SK Energy following the win from Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering last year, demonstrates that Motorola’s quality two-way radio products are also needed in the enterprise market. Motorola is committed to delivering value-added solutions to enterprise users in shipbuilding, heavy industries and petrochemical markets to maximize their productivity and operational efficiency while minimizing their overall investment cost. ”

Motorola aims to deliver intuitive technology that is second nature to users, so they have the peace of mind to focus on their mission, not on the technology. The MTP850Ex is a strong testament to Motorola’s design-for-use ethos, which is to work hand-in-hand with our customers to create highly intuitive products to address the unique requirements of mission-critical environments.

For more information, visit the Motorola booth at TETRA World Congress (Booth W) where it will showcase Technology That’s Second Nature™ through its MOTOA4™ portfolio of mission critical solutions.
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