Motorola Trunked Talkgroups?

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Mar 5, 2014
I recently purchased the GRE PSR-800, and am trying to figure out how to scan trunked systems. I am not sure if this was the correct scanner to get, as it seems I would have to get the control channels, go to the computer to set up the trunked system, and then scan again to pick up voice, which is not ideal.

Is it possible to scan trunked Motorola after getting the control channels from Spectrum Sweeper, or must it be done through the EZ Scan software?

In EZ Scan, I have set PC/IF Data Dump to SD Card File, and set Motorola Trunking Option for Status Bits to Use. I also have added the site frequencies for the control channels I picked up, and tried to set trunking tables based on another trunked system, since it is in the UHF range.
Not open for further replies.