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Motorola vs Multiplier - drop in mAh after conditioning - XTS batteries

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Sep 18, 2014
I recently re-discovered a stash of XTS3000 batteries in my pile-o-stuff and ran them through my Alexander Optimizer 2006. I still have 7 Moto batteries on the conditioner, however the cycle report thus far is quite interesting. The results are below.

All 7 of my Multiplier M8923-HX (NiMh 4000 mAh) batteries showed very consistent charges and minor gains. Average of 8.5V and 3000mAh. They are older batteries that I've had forever.

6 Motorola RNN4006B (NiMh 3500 mAh) batteries were a very different story. Some started out at higher mAh and dropped significantly through the 3 charge and discharge cycles.

The 1 Motorola NTN8294B (NiCd 1700 mAh) was naturally abysmal.

My report:

Voltage - 3 mAh charges

Multiplier M8923-HX NiMh :
8.5v - 2650, 3056, 3080
8.4v - 2781, 2808, 2841
8.5v - 2870, 2848, 2836
8.5v - 2766, 2775, 2763
8.4v - 2851, 2876, 2863
8.4v - 3173, 3056, 3026
8.4v - 3031, 2970, 2943

Motorola RNN4006B MiMh:
8.2v - 1986, 1238, 1161
8.3v - 2710, 1951, 1785
8.1v - 2466, 0966, 1021
8.1v - 2110, 0993, 0541
8.2v - 2236, 0913, 0980
8.2v - 0973, 0961, 0663

Motorola NTN8294B NiCd:
9.5v - 0396, 0415, 0428

Any thoughts?


Oct 15, 2012
Motorola Batteries lower mAh after conditioning.

I have seen that with Motorola IMPRES batteries conditioned on a non Motorola condition charger before. The solution for my case was to use a Motorola IMPRES charger and force them into condition mode a few times then use them on radios after each conditioning. This brought them back up to where they should be after a few cycles. Are your XTS3000 batteries IMPRES ones?

IMPRES batteries have communication between the charger and battery to allow them to quick charge or condition charge, unless you remove and replace them quickly, forcing them into a mode.


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Jul 12, 2008
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The RNN4006B are not IMPRES batteries, they are 3800mah NiMH batteries.

RobertL, I'll bet all you're RNN4006B's are lableled "CELL ORIGIN CHINA"

Motorola choosing to close their Atlanta (Lawrenceville) plant and outsource their battery manufacturing was a bad move. Back when they made their own NiCD and NiMH cells, they were top quality.

Now they are using the same cheapo crap from China like everyone else. Mine as well buy the knock off for the crap cells they are using. The OEM Motorola batteries I have for both my Jedi and XTS radios that have 2002 date codes have "CELL ORIGIN JAPAN" and guess what: all of them still show 95 percent or better capacity when analyzed.

What does that tell you?
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