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Motorola XPR Radio MDC1200


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Aug 1, 2017
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My Question begins with I am using the current versions of CPS 2.0 for working on the XPR3300e. We have switched over to DMR from an Analog system.
All the Co Workers want the POST MDC-1200 Chrip back on the three analog Channels that they all heard after a user was done talking. This is no problem setting it up in the CPS. The problem I am having is when transmitting on the analog channel with it defined as Post MDC-1200 we are not hearing the trailing MDC after the user is done talking. I have taken a regular uniden scanner with the same freqency stripped of the PL Tone or DPL Tone and yet the Posting MDC-1200 comes thru fine. I have spent hours with the Software and can not come up with a solution as to how and were the Post MDC is heard on all radios after transmission. Any Help would be greatful as far as the settig in the CPS go.

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Feb 28, 2004
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The Motorola XPR series radios do an excellent job of filtering the MDC1200 data burst--so good, in fact, that you don't typically hear it through the speaker unless the received signal is weak, in which case a little bit of the data burst "squack" may sneak through.

MDC1200 data bursts have a very short sequence of tones at the very beginning of the "burst." Older radios like the HT1000 look for this tone and begin to mute the speaker when they detect it. That's why you hear a "chirp" or "blip" sound; you're hearing the tone at the beginning, but then the radio reacts and mutes the speaker so that you don't hear the machine gun noise from the rest of the data burst. I believe the reason that you don't hear any noise on the newer radios like the XPR series is that they take advantage of their digital signal processor (DSP) to completely remove all of the noise, including the initial tones.

There isn't any way around this. If the users are wanting a beep to tell them that it's clear to talk, then you might try the setting called "Channel Free Indication Tone" located on the General Settings screen. I'm not sure if it works in analog mode or if it's a digital-only feature, so you will just have to try it and see.


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Dec 5, 2008
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Muting is done by DOS (data operated squelch). Never tried but here's a swag. Set your Coast and Auto Mute durations to 0 and see what happens.