Mountain Area Sheriff and Fire Departments Popularity

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Jun 29, 2009
It's one of those times again where people come around to the Colorado Radio Discussion Forums after seeing one of Colorado's feeds ranking #1 in the nation and tuning in to hear an astounding amount of normal radio traffic. If you are one of those people who are seeking answers, then look no further!

As with the amazing speed of social media it appears that someone on another site, either accidentally or posting as a "troll," decided to put Colorado's very own Mountain Area Sheriff and Fire Departments feed as the legitimate public safety feed for that's happening over 2,000 miles away in Moncton, Canada (perhaps the "Mountain Area" part of the feed threw people off). As with the internet, the link spread around quickly as people from around the world tuned in to hear the nice radio traffic of late afternoon thunderstorms and traffic stops. What this means is that if you're listening to the feed for the shooting, then you're looking at the wrong geographic location. If you're listening to figure out why it's popular, then you can rest assured knowing that you are listening to nothing more than routine traffic and someone else's mistake.

I hope this solves the whole "Why is this feed #1 in the country?" question and hope you have a great evening of monitoring!
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