MS150 this weekend

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Jan 10, 2002
St Gabriel, Louisiana
This weekend is the annual MS 150mile bike-a-thon from Hammond to Percy Quin Park and back. See here for details->
Basically, about 900 bike riders of various capabilities (pros to families riding with kids) will leave SLU campus on Saturday morning. They will ride mostly along the highways through Tangipahoia Parish making stops at Independence High School, Kentwood High and up to Percy Quin. They get back on the bikes Sunday morning and make the trip back to Hammond via St Helena and Livingston Parishes. There's a map of the route at->
I will be at the Wilmer grocery (Hwy 10 & 1061) on Saturday and at Rest Stop 5 (Hwy 43 & 16) on Sunday. As in years past I will be joining my fellow Ham Radio operators in providing communications along the route. In addition to the ~900 riders there will be support vehicles such as SAG trucks, 2 Acadian Ambulances (at least one will have a Ham Radio op on board) and several motorcycle riders acting as safety patrols between rest areas and LEOs from several different agencies.
So, please, if you or anyone you know is going to be in the area of this bike-a-thon, keep an eye out for the riders and remember to share the road.
To listen to the Hams working this event tune to the SELARC repeaters in Hammond and Kentwood which both have an output of 147.000MHz. The motorcycle safety riders often us CB radio but I'm not sure which channel. I don't know what TG the LEOs riding infront of the lead riders or working along the course will be using to coordinate with each other. It might be worth listening for.
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