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Msp 465.05

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Jul 22, 2002
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That article is as old as the hills - lots has changed since it was originally published. I should probably drop that link now; if you walk through the freqs, even the MSP stuff has changed considerably.
However it does have some interesting historical information. Perhaps I can get Alan to edit the article, and point to RR for the frequencies. From that perspective, it's still somewhat interesting.

73s Mike


Jan 2, 2003
Much in that article is outdated....but those pilot-medic freqs were valid at the time it was written. One has to wonder if they are still used or if others have taken their place. Having flown aboard the MSP helos frequently during the late 80's & early 90's, I can say that little of any importance gets discussed on those freqs. Mainly the medic telling the pilot how much longer he'll be away from the Mothership. It would be nice to get our database updated w/ this, nonetheless.
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