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MTX8000 B7 Programming using DOS and RSS 6.08+

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Jun 8, 2017
Austin, TX
I currently own a 2008 Alienware m17 that has a 2.26-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 using XP 32bit. I understand that I should use some sort of DOS to boot on to use the RSS but I'm looking for a definitive answer on how to go about doing this. I know that MTS2000des has said he has "run MTSX 6.08 fine on a 2.2GHz P4...booting to a DOS diskette and running the RSS of a FAT16 partition. Read/wrote no problems." With that being said, here are the questions I would like answered:

1. Would using "Slo Mo" help slow down my computer enough to an acceptable speed to run MTSX RSS 6.08+ on DOS without bricking my radio? If so, has anyone successfully used this on a computer that was between 1.5ghz and 2.5ghz?

2. Considering that my PC only has USB ports:
A) Could I boot DOS from a USB drive? If not, how would I go about using DOS on my PC?
B) Has anyone successfully used a good USB-Serial adapter for RSS? If not, would a VGA-Serial adapter work?

3. Can someone explain how I go about using an RSS file on DOS? If using a FAT partition is the only way, can someone explain how I could use/get one? I haven't been able to find any info on FAT so any input or resource about those would be greatly appreciated

PLEASE save all the comments saying that I should get a 386, 486, etc. I'm very aware that this set up is not ideal, I am simply asking if anyone has done it or if it is possible to do without bricking the radio. I'm sorry in advance for my lack of computer knowledge. Thanks for any input.


Salty Coxswain
Jun 25, 2017
Los Angeles County, California
I'm using an HP Compaq 6000 Pentium 1.9 ghz with Windows XP SP2 Pro and a DOS stick to programming my legacy radios. No issues so far. I can link instructions on how to make a DOS Stick if you want.
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