Multi-jurisdiction PA-NJ-NY incident-helos involved

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Mar 21, 2004
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PASP discussing coordination of PA, NJ, and NY helicopters for some sort of incident (search, maybe?) in eastern PA near NY/NJ border. Coord freq for helos mentioned 123.820. Also mentioned "National" for ground coord (155.475?).


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Jul 16, 2003
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Found this via Google news search:

PA man rams NYSP cruiser, flees

DINGMAN TOWNSHIP, PA– An intensive manhunt continued Wednesday afternoon for a Milford PA man who stole a car, in Milford, fled to Wawayanda, New York where he drove back to Pike County PA, via Montague, NJ.

William Mullin, 25, struck a New York State Police vehicle after he re-entered New York from I-84. The crash, which caused minor damage, occurred before he entered New Jersey on State Route 23.

Pennsylvania St. Pol Cpl Brian Veenie told PoconoNews.Net that Mullin is still believed in the area.

“This subject is believed to have stolen a vehicle in Milford Borough last night. He got into a pursuit with the New York State Police, rammed a New York State Police cruiser, then fled to New Jersey. New Jersey State picked up the pursuit. He then fled back here to Pennsylvania, at which point we picked up the pursuit.

Vennie says the suspect was spotted by a Sheriff deputy Wednesday morning, walking along a heavily traveled road outside Milford. He fled back into the woods.

Mullin is known to police in Pennsylvania. He is wanted by the Pike County Probation Department.
Mullin is described as short, medium build with dark hear. He was wearing black pants with a gold and yellow shirt. He may be covered with mud.

Anyone who sees the suspect is asked to contact state police at 570-226-5718.

EDIT: If you enter the suspect's name into Google news search, you get a bunch of stories from local newspapers and TV stations covering that area.
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