Multiple Unitrunker versions on one PC

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Aug 28, 2006
Berkeley Co WV
I currently have Unitrunker version installed which uses C/Program Files (x86)/Unitrunker & C/Users/xxxxxx/Appdata/Roaming/Unitrunker. I would like to install version also for it's RTL2832U support without overlaying 26.16. Do I just specify different folders during the install of 27.19 or is Unitrunker hardcoded to use the folders I listed at the beginning of this post?


Feb 24, 2001
You've just stepped into a big mess. I'll explain why.

You've got two folders to worry about. The folder under Program Files and the folder under APPDATA. I'm not sure if you want to run both versions against the same data or have them use separate data. You can use a Windows short cut to control both paths.

If you want both programs to share the same files - you've got a problem. The format of the configuration files is not backwards compatible. If you save the configuration from Release 27 and then launch Release 26 - your receivers may appear misconfigured, incomplete, or missing.

If you want the programs to use separate configuration files ... that is doable but is not guaranteed as the data file format (Unitrunker.xml) sometimes changes from version to version. In this case, it does not.

Program Files (or Program Files(x86))

Beware the MSI installer will install ON TOP OF whatever older version you have now under Program Files. To avoid this, rename your current Unitrunker folder (under program files) to something like "Unitrunker26". You will need to create a new shortcut with the appropriate program and working folder paths. If you do this, you lose the ability to uninstall the old version from the Control Panel.


The program uses the working directory to load its configuration data. The installer creates a start menu short cut that assigns the working directory to a folder under your current Windows user's "APPDATA" folder. As long as the working folders are different, the two programs won't mess up each others configuration.

At the bottom of the main program window Options tab is a place to specific the path of your DATA files. The default is a dot "." which means "this" folder (eg. same folder at the config files). If you create a separate config folder for Release 26, set this path to your %APPDATA% Unitrunker folder.

Here's where I try to convince you to upgrade straight to Release 27.

Please read through the announcement for Release 27. There's a long list of bug fixes.

That said, Release 27 isn't perfect.

There are two open issues with Release 27. One is a bug where the program mis-identifies a Type 2 Motorola system as Type 1. The other comparatively minor bug is the Deemphasis checkbox setting is not saved.

Here's a down-sized compromise suggestion:

Make a backup of your configuration files - ColorWords.xml and Configure.xml. The latter file defines your receiver configuration. Install Release 27 and try it out. If it doesn't work for you, restore your configuration files and re-install Release 26. That's way less effort.
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