Murdoch: Media tycoon venture secret

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Feb 11, 2012
March 11, 1931, Murdoch was <a href=""> coach handbag outlet </a> born in a farm 30 km south of Melbourne, Australia, Adelaide, his second child, the family's only boy of four children. This is a traditional Christian family from Europe to Australia, they lived a rich colonial life. Murdoch is to grow up in the living environment of the traditional European education and open immigration. Murdoch military service in 1943-1945. In the U.S. Army, he served as a shooting instructor. After World War II demobilization returned to his hometown - Kansas City. In 1949, Murdoch came to the United Kingdom, studied at Oxford University's Worcester College, began a formal study of the liberal arts. On the windowsill of his dormitory, on which stood a bust of his reverence for the great Lenin. Murdoch read the biographies of several hundred successful people. A large number of biographies, he has been a wealth of knowledge and promote the great power in his career moving forward. Murdoch is interested in the turbulent political movement was also very interested in gambling. In the eyes of classmates and friends, he was so broad vision as ambitious. The autumn of 1952, Murdoch's father died, the age of 21, he alone returned to Australia to begin the important task of the family business. Although the Murdoch family to rely on the farm to get rich, but Murdoch's father, Keith Murdoch, was a successful newspaper man. Keith Murdoch, correspondent, reporter,wholesale coach handbag[/url and began, and later have two major newspapers in Adelaide - "Business News" and "Sunday Mail". Murdoch began his career in the backcountry of the Australian inland. Murdoch in 1956 acquired the Perth Sunday magazine, four years later bought the Sydney Daily Mirror "and" Sydney Daily. In 1964, Murdoch founded the national newspaper "The Australian". In 1969, Murdoch popped Australia, landing England. That year, he succeeded in acquiring the World Newsweek "and" The Sun ". This is the two have fallen garbage newspapers, but after Murdoch took over the business, with the sensational title, all kinds of celebrity privacy and wonders, some anecdotes, magically popular, not long after the reader to 400 million , has become the pinnacle of the world's tabloid idol and mock objects. In 1973, Murdoch has crossed the Atlantic. This year the United States, San Antonio News and Star get their hands on. In February 1976, he has acquired the New York Post and New York Magazine has "New York", "Village Voice", "New West" <a href="">juicy couture bags </a>magazine. Murdoch really world famous, in 1981, he spotted the opportunity to purchase a symbol of honor and dignity of Great Britain, with 200 years of history, "The Times". To say can not help but admire Murdoch to extraordinary talent, he always very precise judgment of the great development of the future of newspapers and decisively appropriation, and then a lot of money. In 1985, Murdoch bought 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. He saw the film company, but the company is a subsidiary of Fox television stations. Murdoch with a year's time, this little-known small independent television transformed into a rational structure of the television network, from the TV stations has become a treasure. The Fox network has membership from 12 television stations in the initial development of 188, stood side by side with veteran U.S. television industry giant ABC, CBS and NBC. Soon, he purchased the looming bankruptcy of the UK pay TV - Sky TV, and then to his magic to make it back to life, and now, British Sky Broadcasting has become one of the European television Launch Center. In 1993, in order to enter the Chinese market, Murdoch purchased a satellite television network in Hong Kong, Hong Kong's satellite television station ATV gold to make ahead of others through its technological edge in Murdoch's television programs and video products to win the whole nearly half of viewers around the world. After 40 years of struggle, Murdoch has become the world's largest media empire, one of the leader, he portray themselves became the incarnation of the modern media industry dean. Murdoch is one of the first batch realized that the secret of the success of the modern media industry is to control content and distribution leader. Murdoch's media empire covering a population of about 1/3. In the United States, Murdoch has the fourth largest television network (Fox Network), has a film studio in Hollywood; in Latin America, Murdoch and three television stations, 150 sets of programs broadcast by satellite; in Europe, Murdoch Sky TV; in India EETV; to watch Murdoch's television programs via satellite in 35 million households in China; in the UK, 40% of the newspapers belonging to Murdoch's News Corp.; in the birthplace of the Murdoch kingdom Australia, Murdoch's News Corp. owns 2/3 of the local newspapers, commercial television stations and cable TV. In fact, in the information society Murdoch manipulated by a variety of media is becoming the eyes and ears of the people to contact external, almost has formed <ahref="">wholesalecoach handbag </a>an information monopoly. It is no exaggeration to say that we read daily newspapers, watch TV, enjoy the novel even favorite teams, have nothing to boast of Australians shadow. Observer sunday "A recent survey shows that the media and business leaders have replaced the traditional British celebrities, to become the largest figure to the influence of the British daily life. The survey shows that today's best about British 300 individuals, at the top of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates. July 2, 1999, Murdoch announced in London under the News Corporation officially joined the cable revolution, transformation into an international network of companies. He pointed out that the newspaper printing era is coming to an end. Murdoch stressed that the future of the world is no longer the big bullying the small, but quickly hit slow. In April 1999, News Corp. began a strategic investment in the Internet, digital television and wireless communications industry. 2000, Murdoch also try and YAHOO, and Nokia, to discuss cooperation in the development of the wireless network. A subsidiary has established a number of news, health care and e-commerce sites. In fact, Murdoch has long been an insight into the future of the network. Early in 1998, he spent his own stake in the Hong Kong Cable Television Limited from 48% to 100%. For the Internet, Murdoch had a famous saying: I do not understand the Internet and never will. But you do not have to understand the Internet, anyone who knows how to use it like this is indeed a sentence of a big truth.

In the eyes of many people, Murdoch can not be regarded as a newspaper man can only be regarded as the newspaper industry speculators. Murdoch is the guts, strategy and diligent marvelous. Murdoch said: buy a newspaper and sold newspapers, I learned the newspaper. It is Murdoch successful and growing because with those reported in the traditional sense of the difference between, he will not stick to the existing newspaper itself, but always staring at the next target. As Murdoch summed up in a newspaper of an experience: we should always pay attention to the clues of the new technology, investing in new technology.

Murdoch is wealthy, but still like the pioneers of Australia, like dawn to dusk. Get up at 5:30 every day, drink carrot juice, a swim, 7:01 to start on time and work until 21:00. His assistant is subject to calls from him: I Murdoch. Whether it is front page news, a variety of photos, advertising layout, all personally intervene. Murdoch only six assistant to manage his 40,000 employees around the world, these six individuals, but is absolute obedience to the implementation. Murdoch convinced that the only way to develop their career is personally manage. A long time, and his financial management only stay in the level of hawkers selling hot dogs, accounts simple as Jieshengjishi of product of the times.

Murdoch like to continue to expand through mergers and the boundaries of his kingdom, but not indiscriminately take money for naught. <ahref="">juicy couture handbags </a>He was always optimistic about the after shot. In this regard, he has its own unique views: hands-fastest does not mean it will succeed. This seems somewhat contradictory with the current network industry popular rule. But Murdoch is not a like a bubble, he the same as Australia's most honest farmers require concrete achievements. Mergers and business development, he once optimistic, must be the hand on hand, spending billions of dollars in no uncertain terms. At this time, his theory came along a 180 degree change - not as good as fast.

Murdoch is undoubtedly the man of the hour. 1998, launched by his holding company, 20th Century Fox film blockbuster "Titanic" swept the world, he earned $ 2 billion; World Cup after he spent $ 1.02 billion attempt to buy Manchester United; President Clinton's sudden sex scandal he also invested $ 3 million to buy Lewinsky's romantic history ... the media magnate Rupert Murdoch continues to manufacture hot and selling point in today's world, while he himself has become the object of the media chasing. Madman Murdoch expansion and avoidance means to create super-profits.

April 17, the Australian stock market crash, reason, Australian media tycoon Rupert Murdoch suffering from cancer. As analysts called: cancer and the Murdoch name with enough to make the stock market crash. Described as an illness, Australia vibration.

Murdoch what sort of person?, Even if you do not know Murdoch, then you must know are his famous media and the team. For example, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, the U.S. Fox network, the Los Angeles Dodgers and so on. The 69-year-old Murdoch is the world's 100 richest list of regulars, the total assets of $ 7.2 billion. The media empire he created has covered a population of more than 3/4.

Murdoch control many of the world's mainstream media, but his media empire developed from a mountain tabloid in Australia Adelaide daily.
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