Muskegon / Oceana Standoff with bomb threat. Interoperability issues.


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Nov 9, 2020
Interesting interop issue the other day during the standoff on Skeels Rd in Holton, Muskegon county.

Incident started on 64P911 and normal dispatch ops were pushed to 64COM while 64P911 carried emergency traffic.

Incident command requested the I-EVENT35 (encrypted) channel but was unable to be used due to Mason/Oceana Dispatch not being able to monitor it. They ended up using H-EVENT26 which wasn't encrypted, for a long duration until MSP ESU arrived. They then switched to ESUCALL1 and ESUTAC3, and possibly 61INP08, all encrypted.

They also had no cell service and requested mobile cell towers.

What would have been the best interop for them in this kind of situation? Should they have gone with I-EVENT35 anyway and use a clear channel for dispatch comms?


What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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Feb 17, 2007
Fightin' River, Michigan
Assuming that they had a mobile command post on scene, there's no reason to not use an encrypted channel(s) for on scene comms. Ideally, all on scene traffic would be handled by the command post. Part of the concept of an on scene command post is taking the burden of incident comms off of the dispatch center, because the domestics, shoplifters, and barking dog complaints keep on comin'.
As far as comms between dispatch and the command post, anything of a sensitive nature, if dispatch doesn't have encryption capability, can be handled by phone.
All that said, not knowing their situation and capabilities, this is purely speculation on my part.