MVA w/Entrapment (Chester)

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Apr 20, 2005
California, PA
At around 04:30, Station 39 was dispatched to Marshallton-Thorndale Rd/Shadyside Rd, West Bradford Twp for a 2 car MVA with confirmed entrapment. At least 3 BLS (both ambulances from 46 and one from 37) and 3 ALS (Medic 46, 91, and 93) units requested on the job, LZ to be near the scene. Fly-out/LZ operations hampered by dense fog. Only air med helo initially available was SkyCare 1. PennSTAR 2 cancelled due to fog, at the time, no other birds available. Initial plans were for SkyCare 1 to turn around quickly from Crozer and land somewhere in the West Chester area to take a second patient.

About 10 minutes later, after SkyCare 1 had left for Crozer, PennSTAR 1 was ultimately available to cover one of the flights. Medevac 3 coming in from Philadelphia also took the assignment and was able to land at the scene. SkyCare was then told that they wouldn't need to make the turn-around.

En route to Crozer (on the 30 Bypass near PA 100), however, AMB461/MED461 requested to rendezvous at an LZ after their patient's condition worsened. LZ for SkyCare's 2nd flight would be at the Chester County Government Services Center in West Goshen, with ENG521 handling the LZ and Deputy 5 (Hurley) - who was dispatching the incident over West Fire - acting as LZO.

Crews began to take up at around 05:15. Fire Police to remain on scene for an extended period for accident reconstruction by PSP Embreeville.

Final dispo: SkyCare 1 took two patients on separate flights (one from the original LZ, one from the GSC) to Crozer; PennSTAR 1 took 1 patient to HUP; Medevac 3 took 1 patient to Hahnemann.

(I would've posted this as it happened, but I was busy at work.)
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