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MVC with Entrapment on MD 665 in Annapolis

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Feb 16, 2016
Arnold, MD
(on Saturday 05/12/18 around 6:45 pm)
Rescue Box 40-84C: MD 665 W at the onramps to US 50
(Audio: https://openmhz.com/aacomd?filter-c...r-type=group&call-id=5af76e193e1c16000581cb02)
Talkgroup Kilo
E351, E402, E32 (added for landing zone contact; later cancelled)
BC4, BC35, BC3, Chief 6
M35, M40, M42 (clearing AAMC, added), M12 (clearing AAMC, added, then went available), M3 (added), Amb 79
Squad 38
Safety 5
MSP Trooper 2

A Dodge Ram going eastbound on MD 665 swerved into westbound traffic and collided head-on with at least one other vehicle.

E351 arrived on location indicating multi-vehicle MVC. After initial evaluation, Capt. 35 confirmed entrapment with "at least one Priority 1 patient," and requested 3 additional ALS transport units.

BC35 arrived with command shortly after and confirmed request for aviation. Initial landing zone was Annapolis High School (E32 was the landing zone contact).

BC4 proposed to TRP2 to land at the site instead of relaying to Annapolis HS via M42. After brief deliberation, TRP2 decided to land at the scene, just north of the accident scene.

Ambulance 79 was dispatched to the location for additional BLS unit by command.

M40 transported a 62 yo Male, Priority 1 Category C to Shock Trauma
M35 transported a 24 yo Male, Priority 2 Category B to PG Trauma
M3 transported a 30 yo Male, Priority 2 Category C to Shock Trauma
MSP TRP2 transported a 52 yo Female, Priority 1 (assumed Category A) to MedStar Washington due to severe thunderstorms in Baltimore
I don't know where Amb79 transported to but it was probably AAMC.
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