MWDXerDB is now ZaamDXerDB


Jul 2, 2012
*** This has had a full code review and a major rebuild of the backend, performance is improved by around 25% and the backup process is now more reliable ***

ZaamDXerDB is a custom database program which has been designed and coded using JustBasic. It is based on the "simple database framework" which is included with JustBasic.
This program has been developed by myself over the past few years for the purpose of logging ultralight radio dxing related frequencies and information.

ZaamDXerDB is freeware and freely distrubatable, please note that I can accept no responsibility for how it is used and any issues it might cause on your computer as setups and configurations vary so much. ZaamDXerDB is self conatined in it's own folder and does not write any files outside it's own folder or reg keys, this means it is totally portable and will happily run off a USB key.

As my interest is logging mediumwave frequencies, I have the following fields.
Frequency / Name

To protect your loggings I have the program password protected. This password can be changed via a menu option inside the program.

A new file "config.ini" has been added to this version, at the moment it contains some codes to control various parts of ZaamDXerDB, over time I will be adding more to this.

The version of ZaamDXerDB has been added to the top of the report file.

I have now integrated the logging database for my "LongTerm DXing Project", this is accessed via a separate button on the main screen.