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My APX Has A Problem

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Mar 1, 2003
New CPS, & FW just came out a few days ago.


APX Portable and Mobile CPS R15.00.01
The Windows 10 operating system is now supported.
- Please note that starting October 2016, CPS/RM version R15.00.00 or higher must be used in order to activate Entitlement ID’s .
-The user is required to be logged in to the machine with local administration rights. When prompted to re-start the machine during the installation process, please do so before proceeding with the install. Please refer to the "Installation Guide" (Installation Guide.pdf) located at the root of the DVD for more information.
-Starting with firmware version R14.50.00, firmware update files are distributed in the .BBF format. The BBF file encompasses all available upgrade files. Compatibility with legacy radios is maintained as firmware update files in the CVN format can still be used.
- If using ‘One-time password’ for the different RM components, it will need to be reset after upgrading to this version of RM.
- First time users of the APX CPS should watch the 'Getting Started' tutorials for an introduction to the APX CPS.
Fixes in this Release:
* Radio ID’s can now be entered in Decimal or Hexadecimals on the System View in Radio Management. Right-click on the ‘Radio ID’ column header to select what format to display the values on. When entering Hexadecimals, value must be prefixed with 0x .

What’s New in the CPS:
==> Windows 10 is now supported
==> Security enhancements added to Advanced Key Administrator (AKA)
==> Radio Management 2.2 (R15.00.00)
* ‘Auto Update’ automatically updates remote clients, remote Device Programmers and remote Job Processors when the Radio Management server is upgraded (more information can be found on the RM Deployment Guide)
* System view and Data Profile View can now be exported to a .csv file.
* All Firmware (FW) update files are now combined in the BBF file in order to simplify the FW upgrade process. The BBF file encompasses all available upgrade files. Please refer to the “FLASHport Upgrades using a BBF file” section for more information.
* Addressed minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

For more information, please watch the Radio Management Tutorial under the tutorials menu in the CPS help. Please ensure you are using the latest version of Adobe© Flash ©Player.
New Radio Features Supported:
IMPORTANT NOTE: Firmware version R15.00.00 or higher is required for the following features to work in the radio:
==> Personnel Accountability for Trunking
==> Mission Critical Geofence
==> Support for APX8500 Mobile All Band
==> Mobile Data Modem Collaboration
==> DVRS Digital Encryption on TDMA
==> APX DVRS Trunking Scan
==> Over the Air Battery Management
==> User Selectable PL Enhancement
==> ISSI roaming and block DVRS operation
==> Group Services Front Display Update
==> Audio Routing for Scott Safety & MSA
==> APX - Disable encryption keys kill button
==> APX TIA Battery type Detection
==> APX Single Tone
==> Sensor Architecture- APX - Context Aware
==> Support 5 NVG intensity levels on SRX2200 Refresh


Feb 24, 2001
That would kind of suck if I am in a foot chase calling for help and my portable shuts down all by itself. I can't really recall a major issue like this with any another public safety grade radio from Motorola. The APX's shown in the story look like great little radios, would be a nice addition to the collection!.
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