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May 22, 2014
Cumberland, Ky
Hey guys! I wanted to ask some KY guys what they would recommend for a soon future setup I am wanting to do.. Below is what I am looking for, I need suggestions on what would be best for our mountainous areas here in Se Ky.... Harlan, Letcher, Bell county areas.

Here is what I am after.

UHF, VHF Possibly all band transceiver unless it would be better to run 2 separate units? Also it needs to be able to listen into trunked or 800-900 frequencies which I believe the local emergency stations are on through KSP Post 10 dispatch routed.

I plan to use it also as a repeater for my Baofeng uv5ra so I can step away or outside my house/car when I want kind of like a cop would.

Ii was thinking of a Antron or Solarcon a99 fiberglass full 5/8 wave antenna unless separate antennas with a electronic or auto switcher are better for multiple bands?

Also the signal must go at least 30 miles so I figure at least a 60 watt transceiver will be needed? Maybe a amplifier added as well to the mobile unit..

I also am looming into a better antenna for my Baofeng but I want something shorter than the rh77, maybe in the 10" or less length..

Again, any and all suggestions are greatly and very appreciated, I want to do it right the first time, I always found it is the best way and to buy new electronics or used from highly reputable people only. Suggestions for antennas, transceivers and antennas are greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much guys!

Not open for further replies.