My First Portable scanner less than $250?


Dec 14, 2012
Thanks, I was looking into a Whistler ez scan 1080 or a WS 1040 used, Still don't know which one but thanks for your input
I have a Whistler 1088. Its a handheld, same features as the 1080, but has a full keyboard. Live in Boston. Does the trick and covers most everything except the MBTA. Has some simulcast issues.If you dont care much about Cambridge or Massport then its fine.


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Jan 1, 2020
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The Uniden and Whistler boys gave there opinions.

He's got $250 in his hands... To some a few pieces of Wompum to others A life's Savings~

Its up to the Newbie Now we have done our part...He's now in the deep end of the pool with no floaties~

Swim or Sink Yu Shal ! Yoda~

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Jan 6, 2022
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Mass is a big place. Aviation certainly isn't going digital anytime soon. Unless you mean the Mass State Police trunking system. Yes they're going to a digital system in the near future, system is being built out gradually. An analog only scanner will let you listen to many towns that haven't gone digital, also aviation and for the time being the state police as long as it can trunk. I would advise against spending more than $100 on an analog only scanner as they grow more obsolete with every passing year. Aviation buffs are in heaven though, tons of good analog scanners out there for dirt cheap now.

My opinion- I would say try to pick up a cheap analog only scanner on Ebay for now, see if you like it and what you like to listen to the most. If you go with a Uniden you need to pay extra separately add DMR, NXDN or Provoice so it gets pricey. Honestly DMR is the first one I'd buy myself. Massachusetts still has A LOT of analog to listen to.

Thanks man sorry for the late reply I didn't get a notification thanks for the input.