My first post about the Pro-668

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Dec 25, 2016
Northwest, Indiana
I live in Lake County, Indiana, and I've been listening to scanners for over twenty-five years. The last scanner I bought was a pro-90, and I loved it because I could just directly enter frequencies and listen to my local police and fire departments. Earlier this year my county switched to the project 25 phase ll system. My scanner became a useless paperweight. Then today for Christmas I got the Pro-668. I thought that I could finally start listening again, but of course it wasn't that easy. I have read as much as I can in the past few hours to try to get myself up to speed, but I just need some advice on where I should start my "re-education". It's like I'm starting over again. I realize that I will need to connect the scanner to a computer to update it (which I do not own) and program it, but the new system being used here in my county is maybe just to complicated for me to figure out in one day. Any help or encouragement would be appreciated.
Not open for further replies.