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Dec 13, 2003
Near Lakeview, LA (Caddo Parish)
C'est Moi, again!

I won't go into specifics, but I had and 9-1-1 Emercency last Wednesday. It was bad enough for my wife to contact them and they sent #4 ambulance
out of Caddo Fire Dist. #1. Fire Dist. #2 (Lakeview) merged with Fire Dist. # 1 so we could have a permanet ambulance service. Prior to that, the Fire District #2 relied on a contractor ambulance out of Shreveport, which took 30 minutes just to get on scene to make patient contact.

The Fire Guys did an excellent appraisal of my condition and loaded me on a gurney and hauled me to Willis-Knighton Pierrmont, clear across town in record time. I was admitted and spent until Sunday morning at 10 AM there with all kinds of needles, catheters, etc. in me. I'm still dizzy from lot of vertigo and my ears are stopped up to where I can hardly hear an atomic bomb go off. :( I'm getting medication with antibiotics and other pills in addition to the one's I already take. I now own the Sam's Pharmacy over at Sam's Club, LOL! I'm on complete bed rest and I'm not even supposed to be up typinig, so you know that's bad. I can't even work on the Part 90 spreadsheet.

I'm making some progress, but it's rather s-l-o-w and I may wind up getting my head and jaw x-rayed to see if there is a bad tooth as well. I can slip out of bed when the wife goes to the store for some groceries.

It's a GREAT DAY at the Radio Ranch
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