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My New Photos

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Jan 27, 2006
Melbourne VK
Great pictures there Paul!

I really love the Kookaburra photo's!
Those icy antenna shots are awesome also.

Very nice shots of the sunset from Stkilda beach here in Melbourne- you have captured some nice colors.

Keep up the photography work- and post some more sometime!

Regards, Commscanaus.
Feb 14, 2008
Well, I admit I'm a tougher critic than most, but I'm not sayin' I could do any better. Most of the shots look soft. Are you using a tripod or any post-processing software? Does your camera have full manual mode and a macro (flower label) button like the Canons do?

Looking at the EXIF data, I see shots taken with either a Canon PowerShot A400, a Canon PowerShot A560, a FUJIFILM FinePix S8000fd, but not a D40 (dontcha wish you waited for the D40x? :mad:).

I love the forest shot. You've really used the lens flare (which some consider a defect) to your advantage and it looks excellent. The second flower and the frozen microwave dish look pretty good as well.

And the other photos? Well, let's see what we can do for you with Photoshop. :roll:

The shot of the girl is rather underexposed. Original shot:


Let me brighten that up for you: :cool:


Unfortunately, they've disabled image posting on the forum apparently, so I can't actually post the images.


The sunset shot is a bit crooked. Original shot:


How about I straighten it up?



I think the berry was a bit dark (the camera prolly metered the bright hand with it). Original shot:


I'm gonna add some sharpening and increase the brightness of just the berry but not the hand:


Actually, how 'bout we make everything else black and white and reduce the size a little so it'll stand out more:


Yeah. I like that better. :D

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