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Dec 13, 2003
Near Lakeview, LA (Caddo Parish)
"Bon Matain, mes ami's!" (Good Morning, my friends!)

Yes, it's really 4 AM (0900 hrs. Zulu) and I'm awake! Well, I have my World's Famous, "HELLO WORLD" (Dog-gonna!) Cajun cowboy *SOCK* kawphy, LOL! This stuff would grow human hair on concrete, he he.

Ok, enough frivolity. Seems that somehow (and I may have done it), my copy of the "Consolidated Frequency List" has mysteriously 'disappeared' from the hard drive. I use it and several others to correlate the different "uses" of each frequency in the U.S. Most of what I have goes from about 530 khz, up through 800 mhz. It includes no "secret" government frequencies though. Well, if you consider the military ones, which you cannot look up on the F.C.C. database. Guess that's a "Homeland Security" issue.

Now, does anyone have ANY database, besides the Akami one that goes from say 10 khz through 1.3 ghz and their usage (Base, mobile, repeater, fixed, etc.? If so, would you mind sharing it with me? I've done searches on Google, but the website where I got this from doesn't come up on screen.

ANY help or information is greatfully appreciated and I hope to be able to repay the kindness one day. This is a great group of folks and I am honored and blessed by each of your friendships.

Respectfully submitted,
73, (Best Regard)

Cedar Grove, LA.

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