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Dec 26, 2006
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I don't think it actually qualifies as a "shack", because it consists of only a few handhelds.. But I've been on this forum for a couple years now and never made one of these threads so here's some pics of what I monitor with....

There's the GRE PSR-300, connected to a Diamond RH77CA, and housed in a nice leather case.

The Pro-93, which has become my workhorse scanner. It's the radio that I don't mind taking out and using hard.. It's got a nice solid construction to it, and can take a beating while on the field. I probably use this scanner the most..

The Yupiteru MVT-7100,.. This radio wears a lot of hats.. It's easily the best quality radio of the bunch, so when it's time to tune something that's a bit more challenging, the Yupi is the go to radio... This radio can receive signals loud and clear that my other radios DON'T HEAR AT ALL! It also serves as my primary HF band receiver.. Forget everything you think you know about handheld's performance on HF, this radio gets it done on HF.. It has SSB and tunes in steps as low as 50 Hz (not Khz).. I also have a specially designed 40 foot longwire that was specifically designed to work with this radio on HF.. It's also used for the occaisional satellite monitoring, and data signal monitoring...

Which brings me to the next piece of equipment pictured.. The Dell Axim is not a radio, but it runs a fantastic little program called pocket digi.. With the Axim and Pocket Digi, I can decode all sorts of data modes.. From CW to RTTY, to PSK. all it needs to be is within an earshot of the audio from the scanners, and it picks it up from the built in microphone on the Axim.. On the screen is a waterfall, and on the bottom are the text fields where it spits out the decoded messages..

The last scanner pictured is my Pro-2018. This scanner is sort of just my dedicated local police and fire scanner.. It serves it's purpose well..


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Dec 14, 2005
Nice set of radios. I have the same Lil-Kase for my Pro-97 but with it on the scanner won't stay up on its own like that due to the stitching. Oh well, works well for protecting though. Good Scanning, xpawel15x
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