My wife... I think I'll keep her!

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Sep 26, 2009
Wentzville, Missouri
My wife knows that I have more than just a passing interest in weather. One year she even signed me up for one of Tim Vasquez's weather schools in Norman, OK.

But anyway...

This past weekend there was nothing on TV. And I mean nothing! We dropped our satellite service years ago and we don't have cable, but we do have Roku streaming media boxes, mostly for Netflix. So she is flipping through the choices on Netflix trying to find something. Mostly she watches those British murder mystery shows, but she has seen most of those already.

So then she sees that Netflix has Storm Chasers. She says, "Isn't that the show you used to watch when we had Dish Network?" Sure enough, they had 26 episodes of Storm Chasers! So we start with #1 and when it was done she asks, 'You want to watch the next one?" Of course I said yes!

So to make a long story short, we ended up "binge watching" all 26 shows that weekend... and it was her idea!
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