Myrtle Beach Fire

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Dec 19, 2002
Central Bucks County, PA (Near Phila.)
Here is a note for Myrtle Beach Fire, which may help others with the confusion that I have had the past few years in my limited monitoring of Myrtle Beach Fire/EMS while visiting. I think I finally understand how this works now!

-Almost all dispatches for fire and ems are first transmitted/toned-out by the county on 154.400/167.9 which are also simulcast on "County Fire/EMS/Rescue Dispatch " on the County trunk system (talkgroup 7216).

-Units are assigned nearly all the time by County to use "TAC-2" on the County trunk system (talkgroup 7344) at the time of dispatch.

-Myrtle Beach Fire dispatch, which calls itself "Station", then dispatches the same call, about 30 seconds after County, on 153.89/167.9, which is the input to their 154.220/167.9 repeater, which repeats the call while it is also simulcast on "Myrtle Beach Fire Dispatch" on the County trunk system (talkgroup 12816).

-The Myrtle Beach Fire units seem to operate nearly all the time on the "Myrtle Beach Fire Dispatch" (talkgroup 12816). When "Station" communicates with them, the 'Station" side ONLY can be heard on 153.89-I/154.22-R, as well as the 12816 talkgroup. The individual fire units are not simulcast on 153.89/154.22 and can only be heard on the "Myrtle Beach Fire Dispatch" (talkgroup 12816).

-The Myrtle Beach Fire units also make use of their "Fireground-1" (talkgroup 12880) very frequently.

-During a major storm a few days ago, Myrtle Beach Fire units were being dispatched on numerous alarm calls and elevator rescues that were NOT being transmitted by the county first, but only by "Station" on 153.89-I/154.22-R/12816-talkgroup.

-My speculation is that 911 calls are going to county, acting as the Horry County PSAP, who then provides the information to Myrtle Beach to dispatch locally. I wonder if this is only during the heavy summer tourist months, or if this redispatch by "Station" locally is the routine year-round?

-I continue to be surprised by the heavy call volume that Myrtle Beach Fire/EMS handles during this time of the year. It seems that it is rare for more than 30-60 mins to go by without them being toned-out for a call of some type.
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