n00b with questions & VT/NH scanner Freq's

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Sep 21, 2006
Driving down some dirt road in VT like a maniac
Hello all, I've been browsing this forum for a little bit now and decided to create an account and introduce myself. Its about time I de-lurk myself.

I'm currently using a Realistic PRO-2028 scanner, nothing too special but something that does the job good enough to track local stuff. I currently have the stock junk antenna which dosn't do any good for my reception. When I first got the scanner it came with an external antenna that got really good reception, but when I moved airport security actualy removed the antenna from the scanner (it was checked in, not carry on) and I've been stuck using the junk antenna ever since.

I have an unused telephone pole in my back yard that I would like to stick an antenna on for the scanner, something to get me better reception. I'm pretty high up in the town, but at teh same time there is a small mountian behind me. I'd like to put a decent but fairly cheap antenna on the pole in the future.

I live in caledonia/essex county and frequently listen to NH frequencies also. I have a list that I made up fairly quickly of all the frequencies that I could find for my general area. Thought it might help to post them for anyone else in this area. Also might help in getting me a decent antenna for that pole :)

Vermont Scanner Frequencies

Statewide Mutual Aid
Frequency Description
45.52 Emergency Management Net
155.28 Statewide EMS - Mutual Aid
460.025 Police - Mutual Aid
460.275 Statewide Interagency
460.45 Sheriff - Statewide Net

Local/State Police
Frequency CH Description
460.5 2 Car-to-Car
460.025 3 Mutual Aid
460.275 4 Statewide Interagency
458.95 5 Detectives
460.625 6 Tactical
465.625 7 Tactical
460.325 8 State Department of Corrections
453.95 9 Springfield State Prison
460.3 1 St. Johnsbury - Dispatch

Department of Transportation
Frequency Description
159.18 District No. 3 (Rutland)

Fish & Wildlife
Frequency Description
159.405 Burke Mountain

Civil Air Patrol
Frequency Description
148.125 Civil Air Patrol
148.15 Civil Air Patrol

New Hampshire Scanner Frequencies

State Police
Frequency Description
151.34 Link to State Game & Fish Dept.
155.475 N.L.E.E.F. - Statewide Mutual Aid
155.91 Northern (Police) Mutual Aid
159.465 Tactical
152.63 Dispatch
155.91 Dispatch
156.09 Tactical?
462.45 Mt. Washington Link

Emergency Management
Frequency Description
46.58 Primary
46.56 Secondary
450.3875 Emergency Alert System - Mt. Kearsarge

Emergency Medical Services
Frequency CH Description
155.34 Med 1 Ambulance-to-Hospital Primary
155.385 Med 2 Ambulance-to-Hospital Alternate
155.28 Med 3 Hospital Control
155.175 Med 4 Tactical Mutual Aid
155.4 Med 5 Ambulance-to-Hospital Backup

Fish and Game Department
Frequency Description
151.34 Conservation Officers
159.345 Conservation Officers
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