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N9JIG is racking the shack

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Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
Since my last update (http://forums.radioreference.com/pictures-your-shack-mobile-setup/262872-n9jig-2013-update.html) I have placed into storage the airplane collection and rearranged some of the radios and computers but the basics are pretty much the same.

I have been fascinated by the concept of racking my shack for years and on a smaller scale had done so at work. There we put in a 10U rack for a Keltron alarm panel as well as a pair of CDM's, an XTL5000 and a BCD996XT.

At home I have a bunch more radios, currently 16 scanners, 2 CDM's, a Maxtrac, an R8500, a TMD-700 and an IC-7000 along with various decoders etc.

I broke down and ordered up the supplies to do it all in one fell swoop and am starting to take delivery on the components. Yesterday the first piece arrived, a Novex rack with speaker for the R8500. (Novexcomm | The RACK is BACK!)

I expect to take delivery of three 10u rack enclosures with sloping fronts later this week. (ERS-10 - 10U Slanted Economy Rack)

In a couple weeks I expect the rest to arrive; panels (Radio Specific Power Supplies) that have cutouts for JottoDesk faceplates (http://jottopublicsafety.gojotto.com/console-accessories.html?Attribs=705&catID=278) to accommodate all these radios. 3 panels (one for each cabinet) will have 25 amp power supplies on one side leaving space for a radio alongside. 13 will have space for 2 radios each and there will be 1 1u blank since the R8500 rack is 3u. (1u is 1.75 inches...)

Rack 1 will have 8 scanners and the Maxtrac (used as an ATCS monitor receiver) and will be used for my "Always On" stuff. These include my Fire Tone alert receivers (BCT15's) and Pro96Com receivers (PSR600's). Rack 1 will have 4 2-radio racks and the power supply rack for a total of 9 radios. This will use an 8-port Stridsberg multicoupler for the scanners, and thus have only a single AC power cord and 2 antenna cables.

Rack 2 will have 6 scanners, the CDM's and the TMD-700. These are usually turned on only when I am there and using them. This will also have 4 2-radio racks and the power supply rack for a total of 9 radios. This will also have an 8-port multicoupler but will require 4 antenna cables and an AC line cord.

Rack 3 will have the R8500, the IC-7000 and 2 scanners. It will also have my MDC and PL decoders (paired with the R8500). This rack will have a 4-port multicoupler and 4 antennas (scanner, HF receive for the R8500, dual band and HF antennas for the IC7000) as well as the AC line cord. I will also need to convert 12VDC to 5 VDC for the MDC decoder.

Each rack will have a RigRunner PowerPole strip to make reconfiguration fairly simple.

These racks will allow me to enjoy the radios without the messy wiring all over the place and when I move in a year or so I can just pick up the entire unit and move it to the new house.

I will be posting pictures before, during and after set up and then have this thread moved from Installs into Pictures.

Mark from NorthComm has been fantastic to work with and I heartily recommend his products! NovexComm has also been great, my rack arrived quickly from him.


DB Admin
Database Admin
Dec 19, 2002
The 10u desktop sloping racks are a great idea. I'll have to revisit this when I finally get around to reconfiguring my home office into a ham shack.


Feed Provider
Dec 19, 2002
San Diego County, California
I for one am excited to follow this thread. Your previous shack was so clean that this should be awesome. I have wanted to rack mount for years. You may be costing me money.


Premium Subscriber
Sep 28, 2008
I too look forward to seeing your racked shack. A couple of years ago I did the same thing. Instead of buying metal rack enclosures, I built wood enclosures to meet my specific needs (and added the rack rails, etc.). It's a great way to go.

PS. I've used some dirt cheap 12VDC switching supplies from eBay that have worked flawlessly and are easy to mount to the back of a rack panel, just added on/off switch.
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