Naming articles and orphans

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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Recently a couple of articles not linked to anything came up in the maintenance logs; here's one example

Guadalupe County NEXEDGE - The RadioReference Wiki

Notice that there's no state reference on the name; this makes it hard for the admins to try to tie articles to their parent state or county. Many times a county name is not unique to a single state.

This article is also listed as an orphan, since no article links to it. As mentioned in the user guide, orphans are discouraged under most circumstances, since it makes it very hard for other users to find it - therefore it's hard for it to be read and/or changed by other users. With nearly 6000 articles in the wiki, searching for it would be something of a challenge.....

So when creating an article that references a particular county, please put the state abbreviation in parenthesis somewhere in the title. That way the admins know to what state the article belongs. It's also important to link the article to its parent state or county, whichever is appropriate. That way, others can find - and read/change it as needed easily

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