NANOMIN for sale on Ebay

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Mar 27, 2009
United Kingdom
Anyone looking for a top shelf mil spec/pro receiver – as good as anything from Watkins Johnson/Roke/Rohde & Schwarz/IZT/ - there is a Raytheon E-Systems NANOMIN up for grabs on Ebay (“repaircalb” ebay shop, item number 220701402771) – going for $800.

This is a genuine signals intelligence/intercept receiver with coverage from around 20Mhz thru to 1.5Ghz – laptop/PC operated only. It’s also used in the TSCM industry (technical surveillance counter measures) – so software and cables are available on the open market (I don’t have cables – but could make some up – but I do have the software if anyone is interested, which has plenty plenty scope for end-user customisation and re-wrting e.g. define your own search/scan profiles, IF bandwidths, upper/lower dB limits, modulation type recognition ... and so on and so on ......).

Why ain’t I interested – because I am UK based and the seller won’t export outside USA (actually I doubt there’d be any restriction on this actual examples export, but folk don’t like the complications associated with the paper work to get export approved).

$800 worth? – you bet. If you’re into fancy lights and lots of buttons to press and play with – not for you, but if you want a top-shelf Rx design and implementation which will knock the socks off, performance wise, any consumer grade receiver/scanner South of a 9500, there’s not much around that will bet this little box of tricks.
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