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Mar 27, 2009
United Kingdom
Hey Guys

There's a Nanomin receiver on eBay ( Item number: 220701402771) - its been there quite a while.

For $500 it's a steal (if I was USA based I'd have grabbed it long time back).

Never mind the fact that there ain't any cables or software - Nanomin's are used in the TSCM industry (by the pro's - not Yellow Page PI's who like to think they're a TSCM specialist) and as such both cables (if you don't want to make them up yourself) and software is no prob's to get hold of. I have both cables & software and would be happy to help out any member who purchased this "black box".

Performance is what you would expect from a product that retails to the military in the 10's of 1000's - and indeed in some configurations in airbourne search/surveillance suites Nanomin receivers represent the front-end in systems costing 100's of 1000's upwards. They can be blistering fast (configured correctly) and offer more search/scan programs and parameter settings than anything around short of modern Rohde & Schwarz surveillance receivers.

Nope - I do not know the seller/have no connection to them at all - just drawing attention for folks to a piece of real pro quality gear that's going for a give away price - so long as its working, and in that respect the seller appears to have a good eBay reputation, so it shouldn't be a prob getting an assurance from them of sorts.

Anyone interested - I'd be happy to answer any questions they may have (I use one as a mobile scanner/receiver on a regular basis)
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