National Guard/Airlife visit Wal-Mart

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Sep 14, 2002
First of all I will apologize. I'm not the best when it comes to thinking of others. I was notified Friday night that I would be needed to help out with an event at the Wal-Mart in Thornton on Saturday. The National Guard and Airlife along with the Thornton Fire and Police Departments were there for National Safety Month. I helped out with Security. I took some pictures and videos with my phone. They turned out pretty good. I have tons more, but these are my favs. Maybe someone could also put them in the picture archive on Couple interesting stories came out of it. I heard the Airlife chopper attempt to contact them on STAC 5 so I informed the Thornton FD Lieutenant and a Thornton cop. When they keyed up they came across on the STAC 5 input channel on my 396t. Neither of them could hear each other cause FD was on STAC and Airlife was on STAC D as it is programmed. They got the helicopter landed fine without incident and when we were all standing around they asked me what the difference was so I showed them how my 396 was programmed and the difference in frequencies. When Airlife left they got it figured out and were able to communicate. The Airlife crew that was there is the one that is stationed over across the highway from my house at the Fredrick Firestone stations. The pilot advised that they were working on the new helipad as we spoke and that it should be done shortly so we will be able to see the helicopter from the highway. I also inquired about the competition with Medivac. He explained that up until recently when they came up with an agreement about what areas each company were covering it was kind of chaotic. One company would hear of another getting dispatched and be hovering over the scene on top of the other. I thought that to be kind of strange due to the cost involved and protocol with launching a helicopter when not requested but I guess anything is possible. He said that the now have a big colorful map of their areas and they adhere to hit unless of course the proper responding helicopter is unavailable. Again, I’m sorry for the lack of a heads up. I’ll try to think of the site more in the future.


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