National Telecommunicators Week

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Nov 16, 2004
"I am the ears that listen to the needs of all those I serve.
I have heard the screams of faceless people I never will meet nor forget.
I have cried at the atrocities of mankind and rejoiced at the miracles of life.
I was there, though unseen by my comrades in the field, during the most trying emergencies."​
The above excerpt is from a poem written by an anonymous author and is a most excellent description of who a dispatcher is. The week of 04/13/08-04/19/08 is National Telecommunicators Week and the men and women of Butte County Sheriffs Office are proud to recognize and honor our public safety dispatchers for the job they do. Since 1992 the second week of April has been designated as National Telecommunicators Week. The week is about giving recognition and thanks to an often under recognized profession. Many times dispatchers are taken for granted not only by the public they serve but by the departments they work for. My theory on this phenomenon is that due to the fluid nature of the dispatch environment where dispatchers move from call to call, emergency to emergency, so quickly there are many times that the people being helped don’t even realize what a difference the dispatcher has made to them and their situation.

The dispatchers working for Butte County Sheriffs Office are true professionals.
The fourteen dispatchers in our center collectively have 139 years of dispatch experience between them! They are a diverse group of people with varied interests but one common goal. That goal is to provide the best possible service to the citizens of Butte County. Our dispatchers provide a vital link from the citizens calling for help to the people responding to provide that help. Our statistics for 2007 demonstrate the intense workload our dispatchers experience as well as the important roll they play in providing service to the people of Butte County. In 2007 our dispatch center handled 215,540 telephone calls, of those calls 19,261 were 9-1-1 calls (yes, our dispatchers are responsible for not only 9-1-1 calls but business line calls also), created 60,982 CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) events and provided radio dispatch to 100 sworn personnel, not including Search & Rescue units or other agency personnel, such as parole or probation, who utilize our radio net. Thanks to the dedicated men and women of our dispatch center the citizens of Butte County can be confident that their calls for general assistance and cries for help will be handled with empathy, kindness and professionalism.
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