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Feb 22, 2018
Video demonstration of how using AI (artificial intelligence software) can decrypt the KG-84 encryption and present the actual broadcast message in a NATO STANAG 4481 transmission.

Software download links shown at end of video, but not placed directly in this text for security reasons.

The AI-decoder software, developed by JELAIR, makes use of VirtualAudioCable to feed the source-audio from SDR# into the commandline-decoder, which then exports decrypted audio into FLdigi.

The AI-decoder emulates the KG-84 chip and allows decoding by introducing an encryption-error, which halts the emulated chip's encryption-routine, thus 'fooling' the emulated chip into bypass-mode which leads to it decrypting the message instead (A safety-feature of the chip to make sure messages, potentially vital to a military mission, would not by accident become unreadable)

Surprisingly simple exploit the AI-software makes possible.

The AI-decoder has no GUI but is setup via a simple batch-script that defines the VB-cable setup (which obviously differs from computer to computer, depending on your hardware)

Tech-info is shown at the end of the video.

JELAIR/Company36 20190401