NC Skywarn (Near OBX)

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May 10, 2003
The Columbia KB4TOH 146.835 repeater (131.8 PL in and out) is the semi-official good news/bad news repeater for that corner of the state because its way the hell up on a state TV tower, has a mega-coverage area, and everything in the known universe can link to it. The 145.150 K4OBX Hatteras repeater (131.8 PL in and out) is the Mothership for the south end of the island and can be linked to the Columbia repeater. It also has remote receiver locations on Ocracoke and the north end of Hatteras Island. Google the call signs and you'll find the radio club sites that'll give you the skinny on linking and the UHF machines. There are numerous VHF and UHF repeaters along the South Currituck/Dare County stretch of coast and all are link capable, have EchoLink and IRLP, etc., so have at it.

Don't be surprised to hear some traffic on the ham side that sounds like some public safety personnel talking. A large number of the paid and volunteer law enforcement and emergency services personnel there are amateur qualified and equipped, including the vehicles.
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