NCSHP Chase Nash County

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Jul 25, 2007
NC Troopers C142 and C135 are currently 10-43 with a vehicle on Watson Seed Farm road near Whitakers, NC.

22:40- C142 reports a vehicle took off from a traffic stop on Watson Seed Farm road.

22:41- C142 Speeds reaching near 100 mph currently.

22:43- C142 reports vehicle occupied 1 time, eastbound on Watson Seed Farm road.

22:44- Vehicle turns on US 301, northbound. C142 requests stop sticks from any C8 unit availible.

22:45- Vehicle enters Halifax county, still northbound on US301.

22:46- C149 takes over as primary, vehicle turns westbound on NC481.

22:47- C120 attempts to move into position to set up stop sticks.

22:47- Vehicle turns into a private driveway 14195 NC481 Hwy. Foot chase begins, black male, white T-shirt, blue jeans.

22:48- C142 reports subject is 10-72, all other units except for C111 or C123 can proceed on.

22:50- C142 advised subject has laceration, send EMS.


Good job guys.
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