Need a Beta tester - 536

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Jul 22, 2004
OK, so here is the deal. As I have posted before, I set up a remote head for the 996 series using a
Winbook Win 8 tablet. I am using the old 996T Uniden control software (runs the 996P2 but will not program it) and Splashtop if I want to go remote over the Android phone in the car.

I notice that using Proscan if I set the scanner to 536HP, it sees the scanner and most functions work (none of the advanced functions of course).

So I am guessing the control set is very similar. The 436 OTOH does not work at all with ProScan and 996P2.

My question is whether the 536 will work for virtual control with the old Uniden program. I think it is possible, so need someone with a 536 to test.

I can provide the software over email it runs on everything from XP to Win 10 (of course the device drivers for the 536 must be installed and a COM port assigned).

Anyone willing to give this a shot? If so, free remote software.
Not open for further replies.