Need advice on programming 1040

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Apr 8, 2017
Huron, SD
Hi everyone! Just got a 1040 and really need a hand. I have watched videos and read the manual several times. I'm starting to think the scanner wont work in this area. The conventional freqs come in ok,it is the talk groups that wont come in. I have them assigned to a tsys and in scan list one. The T flashes on the display which to me indicates that I should be hearing the talk groups. Checked to make sure they weren't locked out. I have read radio reference and believe I have everything programmed properly. Can one of you scanner guru's tell me if a 1040 will work for the talk groups in my location. I reside in Huron,SD which is in Beadle county. Seems like I read a post where Motorola has system one and two,and certain scanners will only work on certain systems. Did I get the wrong scanner for this area?? The system as I see it is Motorola type ii Smart Zone.In another place I read System Voice APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive. Does the 1040 support that system voice? I know this is long winded,but would sure appreciate any help. Thank you all in advance. This is my first post and also my first scanner,so go easy on me......
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