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Need Advice on setting up 396 with ArcPro for SD motorola system

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Jul 26, 2006
I will be heading up to Sturgis Rally today and wanted to take my 396 along and monitor the South Dakota systemwide system. I opened the Arc software to transfer files from RR to the scanner. In one column it gives the Site name/call sign and the other is talk groups. When I check one of the Site names and then select all the call groups it gives me an warning that I'm importing more than 200 trunking Id's and that my scanner can only handle 200 talk group Id's per system. What would be the best to setup the system so I can download it correctly to monitor the systems I want to hear. I mainly want to hear State patrol, EMS, Sheriff, Police,and Fire. Do I select a site name and select the call groups I want to monitor and if it still exceeds the 200 entries would I have to ceate another system and finish adding the talk groups? Also will I have to enter different site names foor the different counties so it can detect the nearest tower so when traveling it recieves the nearest tower for clear transmissions. Sorry for the long question as I'm new to the scanning world and this has me completely stumped.

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