Need FreeSCAN or Win500 programming files?

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Jan 27, 2010
Colorado Springs, CO
For several years, I offered a programming service online for all sorts of scanners, including the BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD996XT, Pro-106, Pro-197, GRE PSR-500, GRE PSR-600, WS1040, and a few others using older software.

The fee was $30 and included several counties in your area along with some state agencies of interest. Channels were color coded etc with all the junk channels locked out.

I was pretty good at it, and I had a theory that I was probably one of the top 5 downloaders of data from Radio Reference through FreeSCAN and Win500.

I no longer offer this service because my new job keeps me super busy, and I now have hundreds of programming files just sitting here, so I figured I might as well offer them up online for free, and if anyone feels really compelled they could send me a donation.

So if you are interested, send me an email with your home county and maybe two surrounding counties, and I will see if I have a file for you.

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