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Need help choosing radios

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Jul 22, 2004
Not sure if this is the right place, but maybe someone can direct me.

I am looking to prepare a proposal for my company for radios for our worksite. We are a contractor for a municipal agency, so that might be a factor. It is also a secure facility.

So I think we are looking at 15 radios, with chargers and spare batteries.

Range is not far at all: This is one building, two stories, and the perimeter. We currently have a few VHF radios that are tasked for a special purpose, they do receive throughout the building. It is a cinder block building with steel roll up doors, and there are some areas that my cell signal (Verizon) does not get through.

So the requirements would be fairly short range, multi channel (probably at least 4-5), small and light to be carried around, at least 8 hour battery life (but the radios would have VERY limited transmit time, except for the Supervisor radios which would be kept on charge most of the time).

I also should mention that the company is already licensed for at least 10 frequencies, and they appear to be mostly DMR.

So who can recommend a radio? Cost would be a factor. Motorola extremely unlikely,
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Mar 12, 2014
It seems that your environment should be pretty easy to deal with but you should learn more about the frequencies for which your company is already licensed. Are they all simplex or are there repeater pairs as well? You might do a little better in the building using UHF (450-512mhz)

If Motorola is out of the question, you might consider Kenwood, (one of my favs) Hytera, Vertex or if you budget is pretty tight, maybe even Connect Systems (I use them for some of our guys and they hold up fairly well) Depending upon your frequencies, I think all of the above mentioned have both analog and DMR offerings.

If you can get more detail on your FCC licensing/frequencies then members will be better able to offer suggestions of specific radio models.
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