Need help programming Glendale Az

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Feb 18, 2016
I need help programming a Whistler 1080 with Police and fire for Glendale AZ for my mother. My problem is the lack of p25 here in NY is leaving me with no experience doing this.

I have ezscan and I'm some what familiar with it.

I will be unable to test as I am In NY state and will ship the scanner to her.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Aug 17, 2003
Peoria, AZ.
I don't have ezscan, so I can't help with that.

However, there are a few points to keep in mind.

1) The FD uses analog NFM VHF channels for fire and haz-mat incidents. 154.190 (A-1) is the dispatch channel for the entire Phoenix Regional Dispatch Center, of which Glendale is a part. 154.310 (A-6 Northwest fireground) is typically used north of Northern Ave and west of about I-17, and 155.670 (A-9 southwest fireground) is typically used south of Northern Ave and west of about I-17. You will want to have at least these 3 conventional channels programmed in.

As for the P25 Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC) system, even if programmed properly, due to simulcast issues with the system, your mom may receive little, if anything from it. The Uniden scanners are said to be better at dealing with this issue.
Without testing, there is no way to say for sure that she will, or will, not have useable reception once she has the scanner up and running.

Assuming that she will have decent reception, for the FD, you will want to have the TG's for K-1 (dispatch), K-6 and K-9 (for routine medical calls north and south of Northern Ave and west of about I-17, respectively, although most communications are handled via MDC's), and K-10 through K-15 for multi-patient incidents and mountain rescues.

Glendale PD has two main patrol channels, A-1 South and A-4 North. I have heard training on A-10, special events on A-11 and A-12, and the officers patrolling the Westgate entertainment district, where the Coyotes and Cardinals stadiums are located, on A-14. A-13 is supposed to be used in and around the Coyotes arena specifically. For Cardinals home games, the interoperability TG's on G-deck are used, as many different agencies participate in that.

Just some things to keep in mind.

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