Need help with a antenna mast problem

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Nov 22, 2016
Hi guys, im new here, and i just wanted to thank you for your knowledge and replies in advance !

Ill start by explaining my situation a little bit !

Im from Latvia, its next to russia on Eastern European side, i do not live in the city, i live about 15 miles from the nearest city, my house is surrounded by ever green woods - pines, spruses etc. and the position of my house is like in a dich-like surrounding, - its surrounded by meadows who are higher than my house.

So, my hands are growing out of the right places, so i wanted to make a mast on the roof of my house, to put an internet antenna, because of the woods the coverage is very very poor. im struggling to get an cell phone coverage aswell. im starting to feel like amish ! :D but the point is that - i did a little bit of welding, and the base of my mast was finished, i used screws with dowels to drill in my chimney, approx. 5centimeters deep, and i used 4 holes, 2 on each side. its secured very,very good, because i couldnt dent it anyway i tried... so i was happy that my job is almost done... so, at the hardware store i bought a round wooden pole, its main use is - its a rake handle. about 1,5 meters long... so i put that pole at the base of my mast - in the welded tube, so it was hard to get that wooden pole in, about 30 centimeters in, i secured it with a bolt. so my mast is secured and doesnt wobble in wind etc. i put my antenna on the pole, - not on the exact top, but about 15 centimeters lower, because i couldnt get enough high to put it on top,couse of my old-soviet style roof, its pretty dangerous... so i didnt want any accidents,lol. my internet speed and coverage went a bit better, so i was happy.... UNTILL the evening !!! And this is the tricky part that i need your expertiese... as i went to bed, i noticed a faint vibrational noise, its like somewhere in the distance there is a tractor driving... i started to pay attention, and i realised that its my mast.... and its been 2 nights now, and its getting really annoying... the loudness depends on the speed of the wind. its like a subwoofer up there lol.

so i was wondering, is there a solution - how can i stop that sound from getting at the first floor of my old 2 story high house? I was thinking about maybe i need to weld rubber around the part of the wooden pole, where it goes in the metal tube ? but im not an expert. so i really hope, that you guys could give me ideas... im a tinker, so i want to finish the job myself.

Have a nice day fellas !


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Oct 23, 2016
Clinton Iowa
How about taking some pictures of it, so we can have better idea what you're working with ? Then post them Here.
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