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Need Help With The Mobile Set Up

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Jul 9, 2006
Hey Guys I Was Wondering If Someone Can Help Hook Up My Car... I Have A Radio Shack Pro-2055 Id Like To Put In The Car And A Bc760xlt That Id Want To Put In. I Need To Know How I Can Power These Two, Right Now I Have 1 Working Cigg Jack And I Dont Have The Ciggarete Cord And I Need To Know Where I Can Get It And What Its Called...my Fuse Box Is Very Hard To Reach Under The Dash In My Nissan Pathfinder. I Have The Back Ciggarate Plug Stripped With 1 White And Blue Wire And One Solid Black Wire. I Have The Fuses To Connect From My Scanner To The Back Of The Car Where The Two Wires Are. I Had It Make Good Connection Go Once For About 3 Seconds. If Anyone Has Any Ideas For Me To Set Up These Two Scanners Please Write Back.


Nov 19, 2001
South Florida
Scanner install

First off: Stop typing with caps for the first letter of every word, it makes reading your post more difficult.

"I Have The Fuses To Connect From My Scanner To The Back Of The Car Where The Two Wires Are. I Had It Make Good Connection Go Once"
Does this mean the power cables for the scanner with the red and black cable. If so, why wire it to the back when you have a fuse block up front. Its not that hard to get to, and also automotive stores sell a device that plugs into an existing fuse slot and allows you to add a circuit, which would be your scanner wire. If you choose to go the route of using that cigarette circuit you need to id the wires, ie, use a volt meter or tester, and do you have a fuse inline on your scanner cable for protection?
The fuse block adapter is a better idea.. plug them in items such as horn, radio, or some other secondary circuit, get a good ground and your done. total cost should be less than 12-15 $
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