Need new mobile scanning encounters

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I am preparing to revise my 2005 article (wow - has it been that long?) about
scanner laws in New York State. I need to know what kind of experiences anyone
has had with police involving mobile scanners. I would like both ham and
non-ham reports if any exist.

Please don't tell me about "a friend of a co-worker of a relative" or other
hearsay accounts. I need names and dates. If you know the name and/or callsign
of someone who has been stopped, ticketed, or arrested for having a scanner (or
any other kind of radio) in their car in New York state, please forward the
information to me.

Also, if there are hams or others who have had contact with the police and they
were NOT cited even though the officer was aware of a scanner in their car, I
would like to talk to them, too.

Visit my website (URL in signature below) and send any relevant info via Informants link.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Not open for further replies.